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DATING SABBATICAL® (Workshops/Seminars/Books)

Kimberley Olivia Cardina created these ground breaking programs from over thirty years on the front lines.

She initially wrote about her dating and relationship journey as a screen play.  The script covered the roller coasters from all aspects, but instead of being a romantic comedy it was a romantic tragedy that was still unfinished.

In this movie script there was no turn around, no transformation, and it was full of self-destructive unhealthy behaviors, along with self-sacrifice on all levels of being.

Soon after she started work on DATING SABBATICAL® she knew immediately this was her true life’s work...even though those answers and wisdom were still many years away.  And now that all of those pieces have come together, she is ready to share this new work with the world.

Kimberley Olivia Cardina is passionate about being able to jump start others in moving forward in their own lives through the DATING SABBATICAL® (Seminars, Workshops, Books).

Anyone that is ready can save years of heart ache and disappointment from their dating resume by applying the tools and wisdom of the DATING SABBATICAL® to your life.          


This program is a registered trademark and brand, whose mission is to transform people's lives.


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