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When you watch television or a movie and you see a character act or do a certain thing, you are something asking yourself what is their motivation?  Why did they do this to this person, or say that, or were unable to find work for so long. 

And throughout the show, you are usually given clues as to what is behind those actions.  You aren't given clues always though.  Sometimes you have to figure it out for yourself.  Now in training to be an actor, you need to find what the motivation is of the character.  This helps you to better portray your character and also make it more believable. 

In our lives, our actions and thoughts are always motivated by our experiences.  And usually it’s these experiences that rule how we make our choices.  This also comes down to the layers that we carry with us, the layer drive our motivation.

The ultimate motivation in taking action is when you are motivated with passion and authentically.  You are motivated for yourself and no one else.  You are doing it for you, as it’s all about you! 

When you look at the history of a tree, you can see all the rings of its lifetime.  Everything that it’s experienced in its lifetime shows up in those rings.  If there was a drought one year, it will show up.  A core sample is taken with a steel tube that is drilled into a substance, strong enough to hold a layered section.  When you look at the core, you will be able to see the layers and the changes in color, consistency, structure, and even perhaps formations.  Scientists and geologists analyze these samples to better understand the source of the material and its history.  Global events will also match up in those layers.  It’s the history of our being that determines who we are as a person, as an individual and as a personality. 

Everything that surrounds us influences us in one way or another.  We pick it up and sometimes we pick it up and we carry it with us for years.  Sometimes we pick it up and we throw it right back, because we don’t want it.  And sometimes we don’t even pick it up, because we have no desire to experience it.

Now to further explain the pick up process, we need to understand your mind.  You have a conscious mind and a sub-conscious mind, and then of course there is the unconscious mind.  The conscious mind is your mind fully awake and present, so that you are able to respond to the stimuli around you.  The conscious mind is very aware of what is going on around you.

The subconscious mind is your mind in a deeper state that is behind the scenes.  The subconscious stores a lot of information that even we don’t completely understand.  A lot of the mystery that makes up who we are is stored in the subconscious. 

All that you have experienced in your life whether you   remember it or not, it is stored here.  All of your memories, your skills, pictures, smells, your belief systems, they are all stored in your subconscious.

Imagine living your life for someone else, because that’s what you thought you had to do.  Spending all this time on something that wasn’t a part of you, it was a part of someone else.  You are living out someone else’s dream.  These are the parts that we are going to start figuring out and exposing, because all of this stuff that we carry with us, this unresolved stuff.  This is what has gotten us to where we are today, this moment right now. 


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