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It's important to slow down and take our time with tasks. Whatever you are rushing to get to, it's still going to be there a few minutes later. And if it isn't, it's not what's important. What's important is you, and your being safe as you travel the snowy streets or navigate through the shops finding a perfect gift. Remember your deep breathing techniques, and take your time. All that matters is you!

With facebook and other social media online applications, it's important to observe what you are putting out there. Often we've seen celebrities go into reaction, and put there
'reactions' out on the internet, only to later delete then. And even then, they cannot be taken back. Make sure that if you do go into reaction, that you step away from the email, the twitter, the facebook...step back until your thoughts are clear and you are no longer in reaction, only then will you be thinking clearly enough to respond.

It’s especially important to keep yourself centered and not lose control. As the holiday season approaches make sure that you are celebrating for the right reasons. If you are
having problems with over doing it socially with alcohol, try alternating one glass of water and one beverage.

Make sure the people that are on your team, are on your team. They support you unconditionally without judgment and are there for you without agenda. They are hard to find, but they are worth the wait.

Make sure you stop what you are doing and take a time out, take deep breaths and find the calm if you are going into reaction with a situation. You might find a zillion
different emotions running through your mind. Everything will seem completely magnified and it’s important to make sure that your reactions are not magnified.

If you have gone into reaction, make sure that you are not acting in reaction with others. Having a conversation with others, while you are in reaction and still processing your thoughts is not advised. This is because you are in reaction and are not clear in your actions.

It takes two people to engage in an argument. A heated discussion can easily lead into an argument, watch your actions and make sure you are not in reaction. You should also look out for the cheerleaders, friends that can encourage discussions to the next level.

You are the only one you've got, there is no one else just like you. It's taken you years to get to this place and time, and you have been through so much during your journey.

Whether you are able to fully understand it, everything that has happened to you has happened with purpose. As you become more aware of this, there will be times when you might blame yourself or others, it's time to dig deep, look within, and know that you always made the best decision possible based on everything you knew at the time.


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